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Awakening & Rebirth

When I woke up this morning I immediately sensed something amiss. It was too bright and this was a weekday. A confused moment passed and I checked my iPhone for the time. It was 9am. So that was what was wrong. I had overslept for 2 hours and already late by an hour for work. And I still had to get ready before going in. There was obviously 2 ways of looking at this from a glass half full or half empty perspective. I could go on getting anxious and rushing about getting ready while consistently and hopelessly figuring out how or why I had overslept or I could be relieved that I woke up at all at 9 and not at noon when my boss most certainly would have rang me up to find out why I was missing.

So I’m awake now, late but definitely up.


As with most humans, I too am a creature of habit. And like many of us, I like to make that symbolic connection between events or happenings around us with things taking place in our daily lives as well as time cycles of these. And with that we celebrate anniversaries, commemorate events, births, deaths and pretty much anything that we find significant either to ourselves or collectively as a society. Perhaps it’s our natural need to pause and take stock of the situation, a sort of a checkpoint to analyze and reflect. Changes, improvements, degradations, the rate of change or the lack of change. These and many others are pondered upon when we look back at something after a year, or two, or three or the more significant ones like 5, 10, 25, 50 and a hundred years and multiples of that.

Just last night, my other half commented that it has been 8 years since she started her blog. Another friend updated his twitter and facebook status on it being 3 years since the 2008 Malaysian General Election (where a political upheaval took place denying the ruling coalition two-thirds majority in parliament) and what has changed since then. Are we just comfortable rounding up numbers? Why don’t we register at this checkpoint at say 3 years, 7 months and 22 days? Is it because we feel we have a good perception of what the measure of such rounded numbers actually means? Do we feel we can perceive the measure of a complete year just like how we have a relatively good grasp of how long 1 feet or a centimeter is?

But it probably didn’t start with that intention. Ancient humans from the time of the pagans marked their calendars based on the seasons and at a time when hardship and toiling was the rule of the day for the common man, ending of seasonal cycles that allowed them to take a break gave them sufficient reason to celebrate and recharge. With calendars, mankind was able to effectively make date stamps to mark his/her life’s journey milestones accordingly and not just rely on the seasons. As time went by, the toiling never ceased but the rewards (s)he reaped probably increased and (s)he needed more justifications to take the occasional breaks for two big reasons. Firstly, because (s)he wanted to and secondly because now (s)he could afford to. Perhaps it could be possible that this high order milestone laying, entwined with our very nature of wanting to see recognizable patterns that comforts us out of our fear of the unknown eventually filtered down to its current incarnation in our present selves? Why else would we have “Today in History”, celebrate birthdays, have memorial services and so forth? Maybe it is our way of taking a break from routines of the mind and body. The mundaneness of daily life. And maybe just maybe these time or date stamps that we connect to significance gives us the justification to do so, to take that break.    

A couple of weeks ago, Pick Yin, my other half was deciding to refocus and reorganize her blog into mainly a food blog, with all her past postings not related to food and more on life and musings into an archive. During her heydays, she used to blog on a variety of topics but these days her efforts are focused on food. From a marketing standpoint (which I doubt she actually thought about), this would be the better way to do it. A focused food blog would probably attract a stronger following and gain bigger popularity due to its specialization. I was sad that all she had written before would go into the closet. I always looked at her blog as a possible avenue for me to vent my thoughts but with this restructuring that door seems closed unless it is food related like the guest blog i posted not to long ago.

Which brings me here.


I need to connect significant things to dates in a way that matter to me. This is my OCD (among things). Yesterday March 7, would have been a great day to restart blogging (if the first attempt even qualifies as blogging) as it was the day that conclusive evidence of alien life being found made news. I am a proponent of this idea for a variety of reasons but that is at topic for another day. The point being I had to speak up. That pushed me to get myself registered at tumblr but not enough to begin torturing the world with my ramblings. Then today March 8 was the 8th anniversary of Life is Great (previously the Daily Appreciations of Pick Yin, now the Delicious  Appreciations of Pick Yin) and the 3rd anniversary of last Malaysian GE. Both matters were things that stir strong convictions in me. Enough said. I have made my connections and date stamps to mark this milestone.


With these thoughts I have left for you to digest, I end the restarting of my blog. It is already better than the 3 pathetic lines (the only 3 lines of the single post before the entire blogspot was taken down due to inactivity) I put up the first time I started under “Of Color Portraits and Musical Landscapes” back in July 7, 2007 (Live Earth). Now, I sincerely hope I’ll at least make it to the second post.